Who We Are

the who and why of the databranch


Fearless leader


Kate Wing

Kate has worked with a range of social enterprises on strategy design, organizational development, and ocean conservation. She was an Ocean Data Fellow at The Nature Conservancy and a 2016 resident at the open science space Manylabs (where she hosted the first-ever San Francisco Fishackathon). Past jobs include Program Officer for the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation’s Marine Conservation Initiative, NRDC Ocean Policy Analyst, and Sea Grant Fellow on the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee.



Trusty advisors


Aman Ahuja

Aman is an independent consultant who helps clients design and implement data products and machine learning systems. He’s an affiliate at The Data Guild (thedataguild.com), a team of creative professionals that serve clients from startups to Fortune 500 companies, and in industries including energy, finance, tech, non-profit and healthcare. With a background in engineering and physics, he combines  technical skills and business experience to contribute to data products with a strong social impact. He is a founder of the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of DataKind (datakind.org), a non-profit dedicated to helping NGOs and other organizations tackle data science problems.

Larry Band

Larry is an independent consultant and Director of the California Fisheries Fund. He works with non-profits, foundations and family offices consulting on finance and market-related issues in environmental policy as well as advising on impact investments. Before becoming a consultant, Larry worked as an investment banker at Lehman Brothers, advising corporations on a wide variety of strategic and financing transactions primarily in the telecommunications, technology and industrial sectors. Prior to Lehman Brothers, Larry worked as a management consultant for Bain & Co. and a policy analyst at the American Enterprise Institute. He holds a BS in Biology and a BA in Political Science from Stanford University, and an MBA from Harvard Graduate School of Business.

Eddie Tejeda

Eddie has more than 10 years of experience bringing innovative technology projects to civic-minded organizations. He co-founded Civic Insight, a civic tech startup making information about buildings public in a simple and easy to use interface, which was acquired by Accela in 2016. He was a 2012 Code for America Fellow,  where he co-created BlightStatus for the City of New Orleans. Before Code for America, he built Digress.it, an open-source online community that allows for paragraph-by-paragraph commenting on complex texts. Digress.it is now used by universities, governments and libraries across the country. He also worked with Cornell University to build RegulationRoom.org, a project that was chosen by the Department of Transportation (DOT) as its open-government flagship initiative and received a Leading Practices Award by the White House.He served on the City of Oakland Public Ethics Commission and was the co-founder and Director of Technology for OpenOakland.